Links on Art and Design: A digest of short items from Twitter and other sources

Some interesting links and short items on Art and Design from The New Modern twitter stream and other sources.



  • Hollywood’s computers: NPR looks at the computer screens shown in films that tell a story in a flash of computer animation. [read/listen]
  • A blog entirely dedicated to the beauty of ampersands [view] via @swissmiss
  • Beautiful, historic, and/or interesting letterheads enshrined Letterheady [view] via @walterolson
  • Why did the modernists love sans serif typefaces? [read] via @thinkaboutart & @ColinPeters

Visual Art

  • How art affects the brain, a study/exhibition at the Walters Museum [read] via @davetroy
  • Niagara Falls… to American art what portraits of kings are to European art? [read]
  • A typically lovely illustration by the legendary Arthur Rackham [view] via @ThinkAboutArt & @EricOrchard