A new New Modern

I’m sick of thinking and planning and drafting stuff I might one day maybe create and publish. This site, itself a still-born over-ambitious project, is getting an overhaul and simplification. It’s time to let go of paralyzing perfectionism, which is a poor companion to my sloth and distractability anyway.

Inspired by the always-insightful Robin Sloan I’m going to get rolling with a “thinking aloud in paragraphs” approach here at The New Modern.

My plan is to publish short comments and half-finished ideas in progress as frequently as I can (target: daily Monday-through-Friday).

Some of these things may go longer, some will be mere twitterish links with an introductory phrase.

Everything and anything I publish here will be “in beta” …my opinion alone… subject to change… provisional…

Let’s see if I can do it.