A new “game changer” for Baltimore post-Grand Prix

With the end of the Grand Prix in Baltimore, maybe we should seize the moment to propose some new models for encouraging visits, business, and better quality of life for all Baltimore. What are your ideas? Can you think of one or more events or programs that would cost the city little and greatly enhance our surroundings?

Here’s one idea to kick it off:

Turn Charles Street between North Avenue and Pratt into a no-cars playground for Labor Day weekend. Run busses in a loop around the area. Let the existing businesses sprawl on to the sidewalk. Fill empty storefronts with pop-up galleries, handicrafts, etc. Give arts and community groups space as well. Food trucks and restaurants will serve everyone. Create pop-up parks and games along the way.

Your thoughts?

Grand Prix of Baltimore canceled through 2015, and likely beyond
Race cars may have burned rubber on the streets of Baltimore for the last time earlier this month, as Grand Prix of Baltimore organizers announced Friday calendar conflicts doomed the event for the next two years.

  • Great example +Andrew Hazlett 

    In Fact, you already know,  Baltimore has several festivals with great attendance each year such as Ethnic Festivals, Art Festivals and Book Festivals.   Expanding on what works for us as a city is what's needed right now.  

    Also, I believe our Pro Stadiums are under used..Wouldn't it be great if they were used for Grand Prix Labor Day weekend with booths and attractions ..etc(just an example)

  • Many plusses to that idea +Jon D Hawkins