On sexism, privilege, and tech

My post at gb.tc on sexism, privilege, and “diversity” vs.”inclusiveness” in the tech community.

An inclusive innovation scene?
Baltimore’s tech scene looks like most cities’ – it’s overwhelmingly male. Are techies sexist? Is it outright chauvinism? A result of subtle exclusionary signals? Or is this imbalance simply a symptom of deeper, global problems?

These questions are perennial and much-debated at the national level. At the moment, there’s a local outburst of frank discussion…

  • Thank you for posting this.  It's interesting that tech is touted as a great equalizer, yet the spectrum of folks in tech seem to be of very specific demographics. I agree with +vivek wadhwa that we need to do more to mentor.

  • I always believe that inclusion is the constant evaluation of who is not at the table, how do you get them there, and how do you keep them there.